David has been obsessed with art since he was five. He remained immersed in art while earning Bachelor degrees at Indiana University in philosophy and literature. This included six creative writing classes, three of which were one-on-one seminars with Pulitzer Prize winner Sandra Gilbert.

In the early 1980s David founded Young and Laramore advertising agency, where he served as CEO and Executive Creative Director for 30 years. During that time he continued making art.

Nearly all of Young’s paintings start as drawings. The drawings come from his subconscious––the place he trusts most. It is as if his subconscious has a direct line to his drawing hand. He often doesn’t know what the subject is until the lines reveal it well into the drawing. Once it’s recognized, he develops the image into a finished drawing.

When there is a specific subject to render, like his 18 painting series on Global Warming, he studies the subject until it becomes part of his subconscious awareness.

Young’s art-in-public-spaces company, 2nd Globe, was started in the late 1980s as a collaborative creative group. Young has designed, fabricated, and installed nearly 100 sculptural works of public art, 46 of these sculptures reside in the Indiana State Museum’s outdoor sculpture series of state counties.